Garden Blogger's Bloom Day -- Slim Pickins

I had to take close up shots to make it look like I have a lot of flowers hereabouts - things are pretty quiet here, not to say downright scruffy. Town mouse's garden is looking very lovely right now even though it's only January.

I've been trying without much success to grow Pink Flowering Currant, Ribes sanguineum glutinosum. Which is a pity because I wanted it to be a thematic plant all over the place. The only theme it's playing is "I don't wanna live here any more." I've tried it in sun and shade both. Well here's a picture from the most successful one which has squozen out a couple blooms.

On the other hand my Ribes indecorum, White Chaparral Currant, is covered in pretty little white clusters. Plus it has been deer proof, whereas they have nibbled on the sanguineum.

A last lone couple of blooms liven up the Mimulus "Trish" bush. I really love the salmon color.

And I haven't been able to cut down my Pitcher Sage, Lepechinia calycina, because it keeps putting out new blossoms, then the big long stalks fall over. I've usually cut it to about 12 inches by now.

The ceanothus plants are starting to bud out. We lost a couple nice indigenous trees this year, and I want to try to propagate some others before they all go. I think this one is either Dark Star or Joyce Coulter, not sure.

The indigenous Arctostaphylos (crustacea) are not yet blooming. Here's a spreading cultivar that is finally starting to spread - "Pacific Sunset" - closeup, then the plant, which is about 2 or 3 feet across now.


Daphne said…
They may be slim pickings, but pretty none the less. I'm still locked in the deep freeze, so it is nice to see a bit of color on other people's blogs.
Town Mouse said…
Oh, very pretty! Even if it's not too impressive in reality, the close-ups are great! Remember, those plants I have blooming are mostly on steroids since their fresh from the nursery and would not pass the drug test.
Darla said…
You have some very interesting plants. I'll have to check some of them out.
Anonymous said…
Envy, envy, envy... do not covet thy neighbors garden...but it's so hard! Lovely photos. I've had trouble with Ribes too despite the fact that it's native in these parts. Maybe I'm killing them with kindness. I've got one in a container that is as dormant as a doornail.
Country Mouse said…
It's so great to have people actually reading our blog - I'm just getting going in the blogosphere and it's very encouraging. Thank you commenters, I really appreciate reading your responses!
Thank god there are others who can't get ribes to grow well - I'm not alone anymore! We had a name your 5 favorite and 5 least favorite plants theme at our East Bay Assocation of Professional Landscape Designers meeting Tuesday and several designers swear by the indestructability of Ribes viburnum, so maybe I'll give it another try.
Country Mouse said…
Dear Garden Chick - Not sure if you are referring to Ribes viburnifolium - I have that too, growing like gangbusters, untouched by deer, and can recommend it for nice fountaining greenery and pretty leaves. I have it in semi-shade but it does get some hot afternoon sun.
Carol said…
To have blooms outside in January, I'd have to move. It's nice to see that there are blooms around the world in different (warmer) places.

Thanks for joining in for bloom day!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens
Genevieve said…
Slim pickings? I don't know what you are talking about you lucky thing!!!

Yeah, it's probably cuter in the close-ups that we get to see - just another joy of Garden Blogger's Bloom Day, you get to see your garden in a new way each month.
Dreamybee said…
The Arctostaphylos are so delicate looking-isn't it cool what nature comes up with?

I like your bird bath with the moss on it!
That Pacific Sunset is just LOVELY:) You have a great selection of blooms. I usually participate but couldn't get a post up in time. It's nice to meet yet another garden blogger!!