Joy of stuff

I like to think of myself as a just Walden pond and a few birds, stuff doesn't matter much kind of person. But here's a post about some useful additions to my garden that recently came my way:
  1. New Trellis. I read in some other blog about this amazing modular trellis you can buy at Ikea. So I braved the pre-Christmas crowds and loaded my cart, picking up a nice taupe ceramic saucer for use as a birdbath along the way. I then installed the trellis with my garden designer Chris Todd, who helps with jobs that require two people for a very reasonable fee. After 2 hourse, viola, the first trellis was mounted. I'm going to grow two Clematis lasantia (Chaparral clematis) and one Lonicera hispedula on that one. We then realized we did not have enough pieces but by weekend we were equipped with the second trellis, which I mounted on a different fence. Chris twined an aristolochia onto that trellis, a much better solution than the cup hooks I had been using. Both trellises are made of aluminum, and the vines are relatively light weight and not very woody, so I have high hope this will work out. Great price, attractive, and easy to put together.
  2. For Christmas, I had asked for a wicker hose pot and some hose stops, and I did, indeed, find them both under the wreath. I'm especially pleased about the hose pot. It has an open bottom, so the constant fretting about water accumulating in the hose pot and breeding mosquitos is over.
  3. Also for Chrismas I received a beautiful blue ceramic pot and a sunflower wind chime. Both will go into a new area where I'll be growing some natives in pots. The pictures of potted native plants posted by Pete from East Bay Wilds will be a great inspiration. Maybe I'll even start next weekend...