Finally, rain!

Last weekend, we finally had a decent amount of rain. It looked threatening for a long time, then there was a very brief shower, then it cleared up again, another shower, clear again... Finally, Sunday night, it came pouring down like it's supposed to.
Timing was great for me because I managed to go to the Farmer's market mount my trellis's during the dry spells.
Now everything is washed clean and the ground is decently wet. Interestingly enough, it's still bone dry under the redwoods. I planted a Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum (native current) and had trouble getting a hole into the hard ground. But I didn't want to wait any more, it was time to plant what I could plant. I'm even thinking of planting the Heuchera maxima that I rooted myself. Maybe this weekend.
Also prepared about 40 pots with native seeds: Lupinus nanus, Gilia tricolor, and -- well, now I can't remember. Something else pretty and blue. I've covered the pots with chicken wire to keep the birds out, we'll see whether I finally manage to get some native annuals this coming spring. (Aside from the poppies, that is, which are sprouting like weeds).