I'll have to go back for some cuttings!

Mr. Mouse and I spent last weekend in the company of friends up the coast an hour south of Mendocino at Sea Ranch. We very much enjoyed the wild surf, the seals, and the shorebirds. But for me, the best thing was the garden at one of the recreation centers, which had mostly native plants.

I was especially struck by several Ribes (native currants). I believe these are Ribes sanguineum, but I'm no expert. Most were pink.

With beautiful, large flower clusters.

These were large bushes, over 8 feet tall, and they looked healthy and happy. One of the plants was blooming in white, a nice contrast. I was sorely tempted to go back for a pair of scissors. Currants root ridiculously easily. I have 3 little plants in pots that are actually blooming though I just took the cutting 2 months ago. But now the currants are blooming, and this is not a good time to take cuttings. I'll just have to go back in fall (well, twist my arm...)


Kaveh Maguire said…
I think you are right. It looks like Ribes sanguineum. Sea Ranch is a beautiful area. I saw the most amazing private heather garden around there. I think it might have been in Gualala but I could be wrong. Brings back good memories.
ryan said…
I'm with you, ribes are great. The pink and white forms are beautiful. I think I grew the pink ones from cutting once. It was pretty easy, though slower than ninebark.