GBBD in the Country Mouse Garden

Many of my blooms are local wild natives I grew in my garden. I'm loving this accidental confluence at the corner of the greenhouse...

Closer in you can see the last of the lupines (local wild), growing through the deer grass (gift from Town Mouse):

And monkey flower (local wild)

Meanwhile the madia is going mad! Totally stark raving mad! All the ones the deer nibbled down are now blooming like crazy! now I know why in the wild Madia elegans is only a couple or three feet tall:

Here it is with some blooms of naked buckwheat (local wild):

Whereas left unmolested, and given good growing conditions, Madia elegans gets huge - and falls over. Here onto a frame we were going to grow tomatoes over, then didn't get around to it. I think it's quite picturesque:

Just to the right of the above, the coyote mint is near the end of its run, but still scents the air:

And the Jerusalem sage is putting out a few late blossoms:

Verbena lilacena is also fragrant - backed by some tall red sage, non-native I believe - I forget, sorry.

This monkeyflower grew unbidden and has been lush all through summer - I think it may be a hybrid of the local natives and a garden monkeyflower.

And oh, glory! the local wild California fuschia is blooming like crazy too! Love it!

Nearby the cape honeysuckle from South Africa is charming the hummingbirds:

And my fav. rave - scenting the air in heavy waves of wonderfulness - Salvia clevelandii 'Winifred Gilman' - wow! wow! wow!

Lastly a bit of excitement in the greenhouse where I recently planted a lot of seeds - the nodding needlegrass, Nassella cernua, is sprouting already!

Now if you haven't seen Town Mouse's bloom day post please pop over there instanter!

And thanks as ever to Carole of May Dreams Gardens for hosting this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day meme!

And on to the monthly sampling of other folks blooms around the country and beyond.... What fun!


Lovely madia...despite the deer munching. And your grasses are looking so nice and wispy. Happy GBBD!
scottweberpdx said…
OMG...I'm OVERWHELMED by your blooms! I'm so jealous of your Salvia clevandii...that scent is so amazing!
Love your 'monkey flower'.
Happy GBBD :)
Gorgeous blooms. I've been anxiously monitoring my Cape honeysuckle to see if it's going to bloom this year in spite of the drought and heat. So far, nada. But I see yours is doing well.
Jane said…
Happy GBBD!

I recently took a trip overseas and snapped a photo of spent Jerusalem sage, not knowing what it was. My friend and I have been referring to it as the shrimp-cocktail flower as we search for it in vain through flower guides. Now I know, woo-hoo!
Andrea said…
This is my first time here, came in when i saw your comment that "boring is in the eye of the beholder". That is very correct, and your flowers are lovely for me, which might somehow be boring for you too, as you always see them everyday. hahaha!
Is your native monkeyflower irrigated? I'm just curious, as ours has been done for a few weeks (although it's growing on a fast-draining slope). Our Coyote Mint has been done for a while too, but I totally agree about the California fuchsias, they're on fire at the moment!
Country Mouse said…
Thanks for dropping by everyone! The native monkey flower that is not irrigated is ending - irrigation definitely helps. The irrigated ones get only a few minutes once a week. The one in the pool garden though is particularly lush and blooming long after the others have started to brown up.
So interesting to see plants I'm not familiar with such as monkey flower, coyote mint and that lovely madia.
Wooww! What kind of of splendid flowers! Rarely have I penned a complimentary in English-language-Blogs. I can`t good english, so I read more silent. Now I have dared.
♥ Greetings
Country Mouse said…
Thanks for daring your English, Carola! Glad you enjoyed...
So gorgeous - and so wildly different from our gardens. I forget sometimes what a difference a climate makes! I'm especially mad for the Madia (never heard of it) and that salvia. I wonder if either would grow here or if it would be better to enjoy them there... (I suspect the latter.)
James said…
Happy belated to you. The possible hybrid monkeyflower has such a great color--I can see why it's such a popular hit this month. All your plants look so lush compared to mine down here, the verbenas, particularly, which for me are much more brown than green.