Offering Water in the Dry Season

In our summer dry climate, offering water to the birds is a great thing. The birds get to drink, the humans get the entertainment of watching. I have three different bird baths of different sizes right outside the living room window.

This fall, we've had no rain so far, and I've been especially diligent about filling each birdbath regularly - I know that except for run-off from irrigated landscaping, there's probably not much water to be found. This morning, I was surprised to see a persimmon in the birdbath - another squirrel spreading the wealth, I though.

Then I looked a little closer and the "persimmon" changed before my eyes.

 It was a robin enjoying a drink and a spash in the Christmas bird bath, so named because it was a wonderful gift I received a few years ago.

As I sat down inside, I realized it was a high traffic time. It seems that I either have a party at the baths, or they're empty. I'm glad the birds come together and warn each other of disturbances - while I chase the neighbor's cat with a stick when I see her, I'm not always home, so vigilance is important.

 As usual, I had problems getting really good photos. Maybe next time I have to use the Athletic Activity setting - or stay home a little longer before heading off to work. But, photos or not, I always enjoy the finches, chickadees, juncos, and other little birds that show up - and today, I had a special surprise.

Yes, there was a squirrel, going head-first into the large fountain for a drink. And, while that would be an annoyance at the bird feeder, I don't mind sharing a few drops of water with any of my furry friends - as long as they don't make too much of a mess.

Because I know that after the rains start, there will be a lot fewer visitor, I'm enjoying the spectacle while it lasts.


Country Mouse said…
We get flocks coming through as well and enjoy watching their water parties - it's great fun. And it is sooo dry this fall, I think we are really helping them through.

I fill a platter that's directly on the ground with water every day too, but don't often see birds down there. The odd thrasher does drink there, but they also hop up. Maybe I'll have to try putting water in the woodsier area. I love that photo of the squirrel!
Terra said…
I like your 3 bird baths, we have a selection too. Fresh clean water is hard to find in town, since we haven't had rain since spring. We put out water in bowls too which the skunks and raccoons enjoy.