Attracting Wildlife -- Too Much

This morning, when Mr. Mouse stepped outside to get the paper, he was greeted by an sight of mayhem and destruction. The vandals had already left the site of the crime, but we knew it was one of the many raccoons who are so sure they own the neighborhood.

It should have looked like this:

And really, we should probably consider ourselves lucky that it took the raccoons more than two years to take down the fountain, which I put up in March 2012.

Still, it's sad. I'd enjoyed the gentle sound of water. It was fun to watch the chickadee look into the tube from which the water came when it was shady (I use solar fountains in my garden).

Now this. I put the big bowl in the trash and the big bowl, unharmed, in the back. 

Racoons are difficult to stop--I know an electric fence will do the trick, but I'm hoping to come up with a less fragile solution instead.

I was going to call this post "Summer of Discontent, Fall of Frustration" - but really, it's such a little thing. Nobody got hurt. Here's another opportunity for getting the creative juices flowing!


Cindy said…
oh my, were did you get this lovely solar powered fountain ? It is so lovely I am tempted to tempt the raccoons in my area.
Town Mouse said…
I made the fountain, together with a friend, using materials I had on site. If you click on the link in the post, you'll see. For solar powered pumbs, I always use Google...
rebecca sweet said…
Oh, I'm so sorry! I remember that beautiful fountain in your garden and loved it. Darned raccoons. I have a similar problem, but with the squirrels who insist on chewing the heads off of all my aoniums. Sigh.