You have to see this...

I'm still not quite done with my trip to Europe - I still can't believe some of the amazing plants I saw this year. Above, a lady slipper orchid. The parents of our trip leader found this gem for us, it was actually to early in the season. The assured us that in June, some of the hills would be filled with these beauties, and people came in buses to admire them.

Also beautiful, though not yet in bloom, was the orchid above, which reminds me quite a bit of our native stream orchid.

And finally:

Here's a Knabenkraut, a dainty little orchid that grows, just like the others, in the magnesium-rich soil of Upper Franconia.

And with that, I promise the next post will be about native plants again, and maybe even about the garden.


ryan said…
Sounds like a fun trip. I get excited whenever I see an orchid in the wild. Hard to imagine fields full of them.
Carolyn said…
I share your excitement... what a find!