If I Were a Bird

If I were a bird, would I see a messy walkway, not swept often enough, or would I see a treasure trove of poppy seeds, with the bark mulch easy to remove?

Would I see lavender long past its prime, or would I see a feast of tasty seeds?

Is this a messy spiderweb, or tomorrow's nesting material?

How about this web, sure to still be there in the spring.

And more nesting materials and seeds are here - Asclepias speciosa (butterfly weed) and Epilobium (California fuchsia).

More Asclepias - those seeds are big!

If I were a bird, would my heart jump in delight at the big fluffy seedpods of Clematis lasiantha, thinking about spring soon to come? Would I be happy that this gardener isn't quite as tidy as most of her neighbors?


Jason said…
A wonderful illustration of how a "messy" garden can be a godsend to wildlife.