What Happened To the Dragon Fountain?

In this post I told the sad story of the wine barrel water feature, and how I finally removed it after a summer of lost battles with raccoons.

I'm happy to report that the replacement, I Chinese wedding stool with a reservoir below and a solar fountain pump to power the water, is finally completed. I started with a solar pump that looked on paper (well, on the company website) as if it would be strong enough. But 3 weeks of sad trickles convinced us that this was not enough. Mr. Mouse kindly came to the rescue and ordered and installed a larger solar pump with a more efficient solar panel. The advantage is not only that the fountain looks better, but also that the sound of the water returning to the reservoir is easier to hear.

The racoons have lost interest. No water lilies and no fish. I hope they return to Steven's Creek, where they belong.


NellJean said…
I don't think I've ever seen one of these stools transformed into a fountain. I keep mine in the house, it's too precious to go outside. The solar fountains are such a grand idea and so impractical for water flow. I'm glad Mr. Mouse fixed you a real pump. Are we doing broad views this month?
Town Mouse said…

Mr. Mouse bought a larger solar pump with a more efficient solar panel. I've corrected the post to clearly reflect this. We're both committed to solar pumps. We've found that morning to mid-day the fountain runs, and that's when we're usually outside. Evenings are too cold here in CA, so we don't mind the pump isn't running. And we don't attract raccoons at night with the siren song of water.
Broseph Kony said…
The Chinese stool makes for a very elegant fountain, I have three in my garden and am now hatching interesting ideas for them using a schuco pump station.
thanks for inspiring!