Garden Blogger's Bloom Day - the Town Mouse Celebration

Lepechina fragans (pitcher sage) outlined against ceanothus

After a week of rain, we're thankfully up to 7 inches for the rainfall year. That's only half or normal, but my plants were happy. Now, after a day in the garden, I'm quite tired but I don't want to miss out on Garden Blogger's Bloom day, hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens every 15th of the month. So I'll follow the lead of my fellow blogger Ms. Country Mouse and will just show in some captions what's blooming in my garden.

Ceanothus 'Tilden Park' in full bloom in the front garden

Baby blue eyes, a California native annual I bought from Annie's Annuals.

Five-spot, reseeded from last year and blooming profusely

Heuchera maxima at the end of the bridge

 Pink heuchera pretty against Festuca California and California poppy leaves

Close-up of pink Heuchera

Hummingbird sage with some poppies in background

Mimulus along freshly cleaned path

Mimulus puniceus in redwood habitat

Tritileia, one of the first bulbs this year

Phacelia and Mulenbergia rigens (deer grass)

Phacelia close-up

First of Layia platyglossa (tidy tips)


Bernie H said…
Love the blue of the Ceonothus and Baby Blue Eyes. Your Heuchera blooms are quite lovely and that Tritileia is beautiful. It's wonderful to pop in to see blooms that I've never heard of or seen before.
Donna said…
Gorgeous natives. I love the blues especially.
Mary Pellerito said…
I really like the delicacy of the Mimulus puniceus and the bright red color. Thanks for sharing.
Country Mouse said…
Beautiful! Spring is here! Your garden is looking wonderful. I'll post mine late this month - yours more than fill the spot :-)
Commonweeder said…
What beautiful photos of a beautiful garden. I MUST get that salvia this year!
The Tritileia is pretty, I'm not sure I've seen that before. My pitcher sage is right on the edge of blooming, and I can't wait. I can't believe you've only had 7 inches. When I checked our weather station, we're over 25 inches of rainfall for the rain year (and that's with the gauge getting clogged during two big storms and not registering it all). We're still behind though, but your garden must be parched! I'm really worried how crispy things will become by summer.
Liza said…
Cute flowers! Thanks for sharing!
ryan said…
Great bloom day post. You have many of my favorites in bloom. I've always wanted to gro a lepechina but never done. The triteleia photo reminds me that ours have opened too.
Elephant's Eye said…
All looking primed ready and poised for your open garden!
James said…
Congrats on beginning to catch up on your rain. 7 inches for the season still doesn't seem like much, even for drought-adapted plants. Hopefully the rains will keep everything looking nice later into summer. I do envy you on the heuchera's, since mine don't do much more than survive. Happy Bloomday!
Andrea said…
Great, your native plants are so floriferous. I love most of all that blue one, the spikes are so long and big.
greggo said…
the baby blues are beautiful. I grew some from seed this spring. They are very similar to flax blooms.
Queer by Choice said…
That Ceanothus is amazing. And wow! I've never had more than a couple of five spot flowers at a time, and this year I don't seem to have any. They clearly do much better for you than for me.