GBBD - Almost spring in the Town Mouse garden

It's hard to believe that spring is just around the corner, but as I went out into the garden this morning, the signs were everywhere. Above, Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum, a native current, is still blooming its heart out. The flower clusters are not as spectacular as those of some of the cultivars, but for that this plant seems to thrive even in difficult conditions.

Pink seems to be the color of the moment, and I'm happy to report that two different cultivars of Sidalcea (checkerbloom) have started blooming. Near the fountain, a plant I bought last year from Gold Rush Nursery with dainty little flowers of maybe an inch across.

And right across in more sun the more substantial species, maybe 2 inches across and with larger leaves, shown below next to a Cotyledon and some Clarkia seedlings. Both Sidalcea go completely summer dormant and sprout leaves and eventually flowers during the rainy season.

 Further in the shade, the redwood sorrel is struggling mightily to cope with the distressing lack of rain. I've started some hand watering, but there's nothing like a good soaking. Unfortunately, a recent storm that brought 2-6 inches of rain to San Francisco and the North Bay did not result in any measurable rainfall in my garden. Regardless, I'm hoping that with just a little more watering I can tide over my redwood sorrel for a little longer. But it's clear that down here close to the bay is not the native habitat of redwoods or redwood sorrel - both are used to much more rain.

But we also have some red, the Abutilon I bought at the farmer's market a few months ago seems to be settling in nicely and it's already getting frequent visits from the hummingbirds.

An Salvia brandegii 'Pacific Blue' is still showing of beautiful blue flower clusters (and I love the fragrance of the leaves).

And finally, the ultimate harbingers of spring, a few daffodils that I planted a long time ago but that seem to like their spot. Somehow I ended up with my focus on the new attractive succulent I aquired, but it's the thought that counts.

Also blooming are Hardenbergia 'Happy Wanderer', Berberis, several other manzanita, the first Phacelia, Tecomaria capensis, and the tea tree. On the almost blooming list we have several bulbs and Heuchera. 

And now, I'm almost ready to head over to Carol at May Dreams Gardens and see what's blooming elsewhere in the world. Seeing the first spring blooms is always a lot of fun. Thanks Carol!


Lea said…
Pretty in pink!
But its nice to have a few other colors, too!
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
Lea's Menagerie
noel said…

beautiful, it looks like spring has sprung
Bernie H said…
What gorgeous pinks you have! The Abutilon is lovely and so is that Sage. Spring certainly can't be far away now.
So lovely are all your pinks ! Such a lovely display of spring! Happy GBBD!
Cyndy said…
You've got me wanting a ribes of my own - sweet bloomer. Happy GBBD!
Queer by Choice said…
I envy you the Sidalceas. Mine drowned over the winter.
spurge said…
Beautiful spring flowers! I love your currant blooms.
JT said…
Ribes I like but never luck.

Great combination with the daffofils and that dark succulent.

Pray for rain?
Christine said…
I love the colour of your Abutilon. I have a yellow which I love.
Leslie said…
Love the pink...things are looking happy there!
HELENE said…
Beautiful pink flowers, seems like we are not the only one who could do with some rain!
James said…
Is your pink ribes the same as my green-and-brown one that has never shown any pink since it's been in the ground? Yes, I was warned that it wouldn't do well here, but did I listen? Seeing pictures of it, like in your garden, convinced me that it was worth a try... I'm so envious!

Happy Bloomday!
greggo said…
Your pinks are hot.
ryan said…
Looks like a healthy spring. Happy bloom day.
Your pinks look great..
Thank god for spring!!
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