First Views of Spring? Last Views of Winter?

Since I started First Views last November, this is my first opportunity to show some pictures of the garden in the rain. Let's walk around and see how different the mood is, how interesting the colors. Above, the little wooden bridge, dark brown with moisture, and a small primula container that cheered me up when my natives hadn't quite started blooming yet.

See the colors of the wet pebbles? And how fresh the green of the poppies looks!

I'm also enjoying the wet path, with California Fescue on the left starting to green a bit, and other shades of green from Juncus patens, juniper, sedums, and monkey flower in the background.

But the real story this month will be blossoms. In the foreground above the little bells of Arctostaphylos 'Woodside' and further back, the plum tree is in full bloom.

I hope it won't be to cold for the bees, but somehow, the plums always make it.

Also beautiful and shiny in the rain is the buddha face, with the rocks covered with lichen. We had very little rain this year, but it's been enough to let the bulbs sprout and the lichen and moss cover the rocks.

In the side garden, Arctostaphylos 'St Helena' is almost done blooming, but I'm hoping for monkey flowers by the time the garden tour starts.

Salvia brandegii 'Pacific Blue' continues to show off beautiful flowers that delight pollinators. And I love the fragrant leaves.

In the front garden, the dry stream bed is freshly washed. The rocks contrast nicely with the different shades of green of Salvia apiana, several different succulents, and more Festuca Californica.

From the street, a similar view to last month, with the lime-green coyote brush and greyish manzanita in the foreground. But if you look carefully, you can see blossoms in the middle of the picture.

Another manzanita (Howard McMinn), showing off beautiful blossoms even part shade, and even in the rain.

Now I'm hoping we'll have more rain this week, and that others will join this celebration of first views of the garden. It's helped me to see my garden over the year, and it's been interesting to combine what I learned from bloom day and what I learn with this big-picture collection.

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I think it is a good idea to walk around the garden after a rain and observe how everything looks, how everything is doing. Your stone path is so beautiful and fits so well among the plants. We had some rain yesterday, and everything looks refreshed.
Country Mouse said…
Unfortunately this week I'm starting work before light and getting home after dark. I'll get my views in tomorrow I hope! I am going to take a break to walk around and enjoy the fresh wetness in the air though. I love your wet garden pics and can almost smell that wonderful air here at my desk. I especially love the photo of the Buddha fragment - very evocative.
ryan said…
The garden looks great. The wet look is especially appealing this year. I'm pretty happy about this rain, getting to stay indoors while the plants get a drink.
NellJean said…
I made it! We've had field burning, greenhouse fan installation and other fun things today. Somehow I got pics.

Love your garden seat. Mine isn't nearly so colorful. I'm afraid to put it outdoors for fear and ancient limb will fall on it or some other disaster.
Sue Langley said…
Things really do look nice after a rain! I like your path very much with the flagstones and gravel in-between. The salvia brandegii looks like it's climbing a that a structure of some kind?

My Howard McMinn hasn't bloomed yet, but the native Sticky Whiteleaf Manzanita has. I love how shiny and dark red the manzanita branches get in the rain.
Dani said…
I love the way the rain changes a landscape. Everything seems more vibrant!

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