Merry Christmas 2011!

Merry Christmas from the Country Mouse home. We're expecting Mr and Ms Town Mouse among the friends and family visiting tomorrow for Christmas dinner and are looking forward to eating, drinking, and being merry.

Rat and I were reluctant to go out and by an artificial tree after our ancient one bit the dust. Nor did we want to buy a live one. I'd like a wooden ornament type tree such as Town Mouse has, but we didn't get to it.

So today we walked the property looking for a Christmas-ish tree that could not stay where it was. We found a redwood sprouting among the toyons close to the house where we certainly would not want it to grow, and so - with  some sadness I have to say, we chopped it down and brought it in to be our festive tree. Here it is before decorating it today.

I can safely say this is the tallest tree I have ever had in my home!

Wishing everyone in garden bloggers' land and beyond a wonderful holiday season, in whatever way you enjoy midwinter festivities! And a satisfying, productive, and happy new year.


Elephant's Eye said…
Now I'm curious. What is that central structure beneath the clerestory windows? Too high and narrow for a kitchen counter.
Country Mouse said…
I think you are looking at the stairwell? We hace a six-sided house with a central spiral staircase, and as you can see, it's open plan upstairs where the living room is. In due course it's going to be ripped apart and redone with wooden floors and an open plan kitchen - but we are busy enough right now! Happy hols!
What a lovely house, and tree.

Best wishes to mice and rats in the new year. Who knows, maybe we'll actually meet in person instead of just visiting via blogs.
Country Mouse said…
Thanks and best wishes in return! It would indeed be fun to have a bloggers' meet up, Lisa and Rob. sometime in late spring maybe? I'm happy to host a potluck here, or bring devilled eggs to another gardener's potluck. EE, prob you are a bit far away for a get together eh?