First Views: December in the Town Mouse Garden

Between the short days and some DSL troubles, this almost became a Second Views post. I'm sorry I'm late, but was happy to see that Sue in the Sierra foothills already posted her First Views post. But this morning, after the storm which brought down a few branches and lots of leaves even here, I did spend just a little time looking at what's changed. Above, behind the Mulenbergia rigens (deer grass) you can see that the front garden is covered with leaves from the Liquidambar street tree that the city planted.

Here's the other side of the front garden, with the tree on the left, the attractive light green Coyote Brush 'Twin Peaks 2' in the foreground, and manzanita and Festuca Californica further back.

Looking at the front garden from the street, I had to admit that the Eriogonum arborescens is now clearly past its prime. I hope I get around to removing the seedheads this weekend (before I start worrying about the leaves).

Even the side strip in the back garden has a sprinkling of leaves, but here we can also enjoy the more characteristic California late fall color: Green. The first rains this year, in late September, coaxed many of the seeds from dormancy and the Clarkia amoena reseeded heavily. I'll probably give these seedlings a rain shower from the hose once a week until it starts raining again.

The California poppies form a similar green strip near the walkway, and they probably don't even need water to keep going. It's lucky they are so easy to pull and they only reseed locally. I enjoy them, but I don't want the whole garden covered (and I expect my neighbors agree).

On the whole, though, the garden looks peaceful and the different shades of green are soothing and appealing. When I come home from work, with the traffic especially thick because of the Christmas shoppers who are out and about, I'm always so happy when it's still light enough to take a short spin through the garden. What better way to end the day (and to start the month) than looking at the new growth of the iris, the fresh green seedlings, and the buds of the manzanita and ceanothus already promising a colorful spring.

If you like to share what of your garden is doing in December, just add yourself to the Mr. Linky widget below. I'll enjoy visiting you!

Postscript: I'm finally realizing that I can't copy/past the Mr. Linky from a previous post or I'll get all those links included. Well, let's just leave it be for this month, next month (next year!) I'll do it correctly. 


Funny how in native and xeric gardens too much leaf litter can become a source of hand-wringing.
Country Mouse said…
The bones of your garden give it nice structure during the quieter months!
Elephant's Eye said…
(or you could just remind your readers, to check their link goes where they expect it to. I've learnt to mistrust Mr Linky wherever I find it ;~)