November First Views - Country Mouse

Exciting developments in the Country Mouse garden. Last weekend we completed the fieldstone patio in front of the greenhouse, and I planted all the succulents I bought at the Arboretum sale, as well as the cuttings freely distributed after the Cactus and Succulents class Tmouse and I took the past couple weekends. Unfortunately I didn't know I was going to be planting succulents when we prepared the bed under the windows of the house in the south garden - so the soil may be too rich for them. We'll just have to see what survives.

Hope you'll join in Town Mouse's meme, showing wider views of your garden on the first of the month... I'm off to link to mister linky thingy now... which is on Tmouse's post here.

So - starting in the driveway looking at the approach to the front door, going past it into the south garden, turning right into the pool garden. Then jumping back to the driveway and turning round to look at Dad's - er Duncan's - cottage.... here we go:

Standing in the driveway, looking at the path to the front door:

Front door to our right, south garden ahead. Dark star ceanothus on left.

Experimental bed #1 with a few madia still blooming.

Bed #2, some baby plants not really visible yet.

Voila! New patio! Shingling not quite finished on greenhouse.
Closer to show stones.

New succulent bed to right of patio...

Rest of new succulent bed.

Meanwhile - the pool garden is full of plants

Cape honeysuckle got away from us again. Hummers love it.
Closeup of epilobium canum, local native, and some succulents

Winifred Gilman just about done. Hope she'll be taller next year, cover that fence.

Still have not fixed up the pots! (We're still in pool garden btw...)

Behind the greenhouse outside the pool garden - the wetland plants a-propagatin.

Duncan stands outside his home! Still gotta remove the towering rosemary!

Looking down the driveway. Mexican sage finally blooming!!
Hope you enjoyed the tour. I didn't take you into the south slope chaparral or down the north valley or into the corral this time, just showing what's close in to the houses. Lots to do but we're very happy with what's going on in the south garden, which is all new work this year. The rabbit fences are a bit of a pain, but hopefully in a year or two when the garden plants mature, and we figure out what will work with rabbits and deer, we can remove two of the three fences. I also want to make the front garden more interesting. I'm thinking about putting a thimbleberry in the front bed right of the path... Fun in a garden - it's endless!


Sue Langley said…
One nice thing about Fall is that it's cool enough to work on big projects that seem daunting during the hot weather of late summer. The patio looks great!

The greenhouse works well as a focal point and a screen for propagating plants. Comfy chairs to collapse in, too.
I wait and wait for the Mexican sage, I can't plant until almost June, then know why when it finally blooms now,...wonderful and velvety flowers.
I love to see your new garden beds,...will be nice to see the progress.
So nice to see your garden!
That greenhouse is spectacular! It looks as if it could weather the most severe storm. And the patio is gorgeous! Well done!
Andrea said…
Hi, i am new here, just followed from Donna's list of her links. I wish our garden has a nice wide angle shot to link here too. You have a wide area and it is nice to be excited waiting for the new plants and the full garden be finished and established. We will wait with you.
Town Mouse said…
Oh, I'm so happy this is all working out. Coming back from a week away to see that greenhouse patio and learn more about the pool conversion is just too exciting!
Julie said…
Oh my goodness, your greenhouse is lovely! I would like a bit of your energy so that I can get my projects progressing as well as yours are! Enjoy!
NellJean said…
Broad views of a garden are always my fav. Not to see the compost heap or a pile of old tin awaiting a project, but a view of whole plants and the paths that join them is wonderful. I like to see how plants are used and where they are placed rather than a catalog of the throats of lilies.

Salvia leucantha is one of my favs. It's hardy here but I put some inside for an early start; the leaves are interesting.

Great idea for a meme. I'll look into it.