Planting Time! - Plant Sale Time!!

Duncan presenting the new rabbit fence (aka Duncan fence). Hopefully temporary.

Rains have come early this year. Good solid soaking rains. Tree toppling rains.
Planting rains!
And plant sales upcoming! What a great combination. This Saturday I'll be helping with the CNPS Santa Cruz chapter sale, which happens at the same bat time and same bat channel as the UCSC Arboretum sale - a great event for gardeners all around. This year I'll also be anxiously thinking about what to buy as I unload the truck full of native plant gems that the propagation group has been working on all year. I have two beds to create and many more planting opportunities all over the place.

Last weekend I impulsively went to the Native Plant Revival nursery sale and bought nine plants at 25% off: 
3 Ceanothus gloriosus "Anchor Point" a low spreading ceanothus that won't intermarry with my native ones. (I always feel weird saying this as it makes me sound like a person who disapproves of mixed marriages or something!)

Low ceanothus to spread and make a swathe leading to the seat
Also purchased 3 Salvia sonomensis Bee's Bliss, also very low and spreading, which I put down the other side of the new bed, and across the pathway to make some kind of informal symmetry (that's the idea anyway).

These two tiny gray green blobs should spread and spread.

I put deer protection on the little green grey blob that will spread and spread to the right of the path
 And 3 Sisyrinchium bellum, blue eyed grass, species, which are awaiting their spot. I had bad luck with dwarf varieties so I thought I'd try the straight species.

Several plant sales are upcoming in the San Francisco Bay area - you should google for sales in your area too. Here are the ones I know of:
October 8:
  • CNPS Santa Cruz plant sale and at the same time and place, UC Santa Cruz Arboretum plant sale
  • Pete Veilleux is holding the grand opening of his new nursery in Oakland, East Bay Wilds
  • Foothill College Hort Department plant sale.
Oct 15
  • CNPS Santa Clara chapter Plant Sale at Hidden Villa in Los Altos
Have fun choosing native plants for your garden and enjoy your planting season!


Joe said…
Yay for the rain! Here in Lafayette we got about 1 1/2 inches!
I'm hoping to get some hazelnut this year at the East Bay sale. The ground is so perfect for planting.