October GBBD - Town Mouse

There's been a bit of craziness with the weather in the last few weeks. First, a really good rainstorm. Then a few nice days. Then a drizzly day. And now temperatures in the 80s, much warmer than most of the summer. It's really a small miracle the plants are hanging in there. But the garden doesn't look bad at all. Let's have a look.

Above, the California native Abutilon palmeri, which I planted about 2 weeks ago. The yellow flowers are very popular with the local pollinators, and I'm hoping this plant will work out because it's hard to find native fall bloomers.

Of course there's always Epilobium, the California fuchsia, now in its third month. It took a bit of a beating in the rainstorm, and I had to stake half of the plants. But the hummingbirds are enjoying the red blossoms so much that I'm finding it worth the trouble.

When I bought the Abutilon at the nursery, I could not resist the asters. 2 for $3, it was such a bargain and the bees showed up immediately.

Bees  also congregate at the rosemary, which is still in full bloom.

I'm also happy that the fall blooming camelia is putting on a show again.

And Correa, from Australia, is fortunately again confused about the season and blooming in the Australian spring (which is our fall). I appreciate this plant that reliably brings some color in the garden and gets by with very little water.

The native goldenrod is finally coming into its own and adding a splash of color in front of the Mulenbergia rigens (deer grass).

Also blooming are two other native buckwheats, Lessingia 'Silver carpet',  autumn sage, and some of the coral bells. As I said, not bad, considering the weather craziness.

And now I'll head over to Carol at May Dreams Gardens, where I'm hoping to find the links to many other gardens and their late fall blooms. Won't you join me?


Anonymous said…
Your climate is great for color and blooms. You have a nice showing this month. Our weather has been little odd for here all year. I am dreading the winter months if it is any thing like we have been having, Happy GBBD!
James said…
I was hoping to have abultion to show this month but it's taking a break right now. But I've got a lot of the same plants in my post that you've got: epilobium, camellia and rosemary. Enjoy!
Bernie said…
Gorgeous Abutilon and the Aussie Correa looks lovely in your garden. The display on your California fuchsia is just brilliant too.
noel said…

you have such a beautiful collection i love that native fushia, one of my favorites

thanks for sharing your garden
Love the abutilon - such a soft yellow.
Barbie said…
Thank you for your lovely photos. The rosemary is one of my favourite plants! Mine is a huge bush now!
We have been having really odd weather in the form of excessive rain. Lovely flowers--I especially like the camellia--mine haven't started yet. Happy GBBD.
rebecca sweet said…
Beautiful photos (and nice to see your garden again!) My goldenrod never bloomed this year, so sad! I think it's all the crazy weather we've had - oh well, there's always next year, right?
Nell Jean said…
Your natives are always delightful.
Beautiful flowers for October. Many of my plants have begun their 'sleep,' but there are still a few hanging around. Happy GBBD!
I've been contemplating adding some abutilon to my garden. I think you have just tipped the scales in its favor.
Joe said…
Nice blooms. Fall weather really can be crazy! :-/
Dear Town Mouse, You have some lovely blooms inspite of the crazy weather. The fuchsia is delightful. Happy GBBD. P. x
HolleyGarden said…
Love that fuchsia! It looks like a hummingbird magnet. Your camellia is gorgeous, too. And I'm impressed with your rosemary blooming. I love rosemary blooms, but for some reason their blooms elude me. Happy GBBD!
bookworm said…
Oh, what I would have given for an 80 degree day today - and I would give even more to be able to grow camilias. I'll be thinking of you in the winter. You do nice things with native flowers. Happy GBBD.
Jane said…
Oh, I’m liking the blooming rosemary. I’m not sure if I ever have seen rosemary in bloom before. Happy Bloom Day!
camissonia said…
Beautiful blooms! My Abutilon palmeri, unlike yours, is worse for wear right now after a warm spell here in SoCal, but the Cal Fuchsias are doing swimmingly. The Correa flowers remind me of our native snowberry (Symphoricarpos mollis).
Sarah said…
I like your picture of the goldenrod best. It really sets off the grasses behind it.

I'm actually sensing a pattern here. This is the second post in a row that I've commented on grasses. Maybe it's a sign that I should grow some myself.
Donna said…
Wonderful to see all your blooms that are so different o my East Coast garden!!
scottweberpdx said…
Beautiful post...love all the natives! I'm smitten by the shot of the Goldenrod in from of the Deergrass...so perfect!
Haddock said…
Some lovely flowers here.
Yes those are pictures clicked by me (on my recent trip to Europe)
Silivaley? You mean Silicon Valley?
Yes many of the IT industries are situated in Pune.