Best of the Summer

So, here's the story. I almost would have gone to Yosemite this Wednesday, for a wonderful hike among the spectacular wildflowers. Then someone in the family got ill, and I had to cancel the trip. Of course I'm a little sad, but I also feel very fortunate. For one, the recovery of my family member is proceeding rapidly. And also, to train for the hike, which involved pretty strenous uphill walking with the pack, I've gone for at least one, and usually two hikes each week this summer.

Here are some of the best photos. Above, a view of the lake at Foothill Park, Palo Alto, in the early morning.

And here, a picture of some beautiful buckwheats close to the ridge in Tassajara. I did a 9.5 mile hike and very much enjoyed the fading flowers of summer.

Also on the side of the Tassajara road the beautiful bluish green Yucca whipplei (chaparral yucca).

Completely different is this mossy tree from, I think, the Forest of Nisime Marks near Santa Cruz.

Different yet again this photo, near Skyline Boulevard. With many of the hikes I did, I would start out on a cloudy day, and the clouds would lift and I'd walk in the sunshine for an hour or two. Then, at the top of the ridge, I'd suddenly find myself in clouds again, even getting a little wet a few times. It was great fun to see these great differences in temperature and mood in just a few hours.

Above, another photo of the sunny, dry part of a hike, showing chamise on the Black Mountain trail (10 miles, 3000 feet).

So, sure, I hope one day I'll get go on that hike I planned. Maybe next year. But really, what's important are the hikes I did do, the memories I have, and the joy that being outside this summer has brought me.


Country Mouse said…
Oh wonderful photos of our local wild places! So atmospheric! I'm so sorry you missed your Yosemite trip after all the preparation you did. But as you say - the silver lining was - all the preparation you did!
Spring and Fall are for gardening. Summer is for hiking.
ryan said…
Nice collection of photos. Looks like some good hikes, with scenery. Too bad about Yosemite.
Gorgeous photos! I love the mossy tree. I thought we had mossy trees here, but that one seems to have an extra thick coat!
Sue Langley said…
Ah, too bad...but next time! You have lots of beautiful places to hike and photograph, Mouse.

I especially like the design in the second photo and it reminds me of all the beautifully muted colors of our native plants here in California.
It's a bit stormy here and still hot. I check the Yosemite Valley webcams most every day, especially during clouded days.

Hope all the family is well soon!