Growing up in a country that had just lost a war that it started itself -- no, let's not go down that rabbit hole -- I just wasn't raised to appreciate flags, or colors of flags, or anthems.

But I do adore fireworks, both the bright-lights-and-noise kind and other, more subtle celebrations. I'm especially lucky this year because I get my own private show every evening.

In the morning, you just see stakes and sticks, and a few drying out leaves at the bottom. But then, around 6:30 pm, just as the sun is setting, the first blossoms open up.

Soon, the visitors arrive, bumble bees for one last drink, and smaller pollinators. If I stayed up at night, I'd probably see the moth that is the main pollinator of this plant.

But all through the evening hours, I can enjoy the beautiful white blossoms, standing out against the slowly darkening garden. 
(All fireworks photos are photos of Chlorogalum pomeridianum, soap lily, a California native that is easily 6 feet tall, completely drought tolerant, and covered with flowers for weeks in summer. Perfect for those of us who work outside the home and want some bright fireworks welcoming us after a hard day. Thanks for the blog readers who recommended staking this plant. It worked!)


Country Mouse said…
Fireworks indeed! For some reason I'm just not seeing any around our property this year - and last year we had a bumper bunch of blossoms on several plants. We see copious amounts of the long blade shaped leaves - just no blossom stalks. So thanks for sharing yours!
Sue Langley said…
I've been enjoying mine as well, Mouse and love your fireworks analogy! Mine have the big black bees with yellow heads and are crawling with tiny frantic ants, too.
Kelly said…
I saw my first one in the wild yesterday at the former Ft. Ord! Actually it was two plants right next to each other. It was in the deep shade of oaks and was blooming at about 5:30. Wow!!! Thanks for the pictures!
Christine said…
So lovely! Are they scented?
James said…
Very festive, and lots less brutal than blowing thing sup. The first shot with the flowers out of focus really looks like fireworks.
really nice also as christine said are they scented