The joys of having a propagator friend

We all know that my friend Country Mouse is a passionate, devoted propagator. And watching the greenhouse evolve has been so much fun. Indeed, having a propagator friend is wonderful in so many ways.

First, I've learned a lot. I never thought I'd actually propagate my own plants, but now I sow some annuals every year. I've managed to root a few mimulus and I'm plotting a few other things. When I forget, I can just look up all the great information she provides right here on the blog (I didn't even know we have 32 posts on that topic).

But of course I'm also thrilled to receive plants, and Ms. Country Mouse has been most generous. Above the beautiful Mimulus guttatus (seep monkey flower) that I received this spring. Several large plants were put together in a burgundy pot and the result is stunning. And don't you love the little freckles on their throats that you can see close up?

Also a great success has been the thimbleberry (Rubus parviflorus). I hesitated a bit because this plant, like brambles, can spread. But it's stunning in a pot, and the bright green really lights up the shade. I'm curious whether I'll get flowers.

I'm also very happy with the Heuchera micranta, locally native on the Country Mouse property, that I received as generous gifts. I think I planted five or six, and they are all doing well, some blooming, others welcome because of the striking foilage pattern. Interestingly, different plants come out different, and I love the variations on the Heuchera theme.

And of course the best thing isn't just the stuff. The best thing is receiving the gift of friendship. The best thing is knowing that up there in the hill someone is busy working on making the world a little bit better, one plant at a time.


Christine said…
So sweet! That Mimulus is a stunner, especially with the pot you picked out. Please keep us posted with the Rubus- the foliage is so nice, but picking a berry or two would be amazing!
I love the seep monkeyflowers, and saw a few lovely specimens on the GNGT. Someday I'm determined to plant some here. I did finally find Thimbleberry on the property, so once the greenhouse is all put together, I may be propagating some more to replace all the nasty blackberry growing here. We have quite a lot of the Heuchera here, but it seems rather fussy about where it grows. It's a lovely foliage plant for brightening up dark shady areas though.
Country Mouse said…
I'll be collecting lots of seeds, from the propagated plants currently blooming in my garden, and seep monkeyflower is very easy from seed - As I discovered, a little goes a long way! I'll be happy to share with them wot wants some.
Thanks for the lovely post, TM - Your propagator friend!
Mike B. said…
I love Thimbleberry. It is also called nature's toilet paper. Feel the underside of the leaf and you'll know why!