Picture This! My garden Is My Special Place.

I have not participated in a Gardening Gone Wild photo contest for quite a while, but this time the topic was so intriguing, I just could not resist. The challenge, for those who choose to accept it, is to show off one photo that captures the spirit of a garden, ours or another special place in our heart.

I must admit I spent quite a bit of time outside, with both my old camera and my new camera, trying to get the perfect shot. And it's actually quite green and pretty, but with the remodel going on I found it very hard to frame a shot that did not have ladders or caution tape in it. So I went to the archives and tried to find that special shot there. Above my third choice, showing off Eriogonum arborescens, Triteleia in front of the sign, and a small manzanita and grasses further in the background. But no, this isn't it.

I like the more open feeling of this shot, with Eriogonum arborescens in the front, the grasses more prominent, and the bright green patch of coyote brush center stage. But the composition doesn't really work, with the chair right smack in the middle of the picture, so I had to search a little more.

Then I found this mid-summer picture, which finally fit the bill. I love the different shades of green, the wild grasses with the first of the morning light, and on the right the blue Wolly Blue Curl. The plants together say Californa Native Garden, and the chair says "Welcome, won't you rest for a bit?"

And now, I'm curious what other photos have been submitted, I'm sure they'll be outstanding!


Anonymous said…
Nice photo! It looks so inviting, with the chair and the native plants all around. I think the photo competition this month has brought out some lovely shots, and some fascinating thoughts on what makes a sense of place. Good luck in the competition - and thanks for your comments on my blog.
Barbara said…
Dear Town Mouse, I love your photo and agree that it's very inviting. Sitting there with a glass of California wine must be delightful. I'll check out the photo contest website, now that I have a new camera. Barbara
I agree, the third shot. It's amazing how much difference the position of a chair makes. It's easy looking at that last photo not to think about all the cold weather coming our way this weekend. Crossing my fingers my seedling natives don't freeze! Good luck with the contest, and I hope your remodel is over with soon...we're just about to start ours.
I do like the first shot. It's like its peeping through the natives quiet and peaceful.

I'm in late stage native-envy looking at your shots...beautiful garden.
camissonia said…
Love your native gardenscape, and the Eriogonum arborescens looks so lush for an Eriogonum! What type of grasses are those that you have in the backdrop? They are make for some dramatic accents!