Rain, glorious rain!

Yes, I know there's been reports about severe storms in Southern California. But that's far away from here, and furthermore, we're in the rain shadow of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Even in a good year, we don't get more than 15 inches of rain, most of it in the spring.

For now, I couldn't be happier. Rain has finally managed to moisten the area under the redwood trees. Rain and wind have made short work of the last of the liquidambar leaves. Rain has brought forth seedlings of the California annuals I planted last year. Rain has filled the birdbath to the brim.

Even more amusing, mushrooms are springing up all over the garden.

Regrettably, no edible mushrooms. But still, a sign that all is well.

The welcome rains are soaking the garden, nurturing my California native shrubs and perennials. Listening to drumming of the rain on the skylights, I sleep well and dream of the wildflowers soon to come.


Sharon Lovejoy said…
I am passionate about natives too and have welcomed the rains. My new Matilijas, Cleveland sage, penstemons, etc. rejoice!

Keep on writing. I love it.

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

(you live in PARADISE, but you know it)
Anonymous said…
There's nothing like a good rain to warm a gardener's heart. Especially if you have just tucked in a few plants or planted seeds. I love rain! And love snow when it's daytime and I can watch it. Yep, I was raised in SoCali. Enjoy your Holiday, Mouses and a very happy New Year!
Country Mouse said…
It's freezing cold but dry here in Paignton, Devon, UK! I haven't seen much plant life so far - a few frost-damaged pansies in a park, is about all.
Jess said…
Yes, the rain is a joyful thing. I'm so thankful we are getting TWO great rain years in a row--this year has been even better than last here in the Bay Area. My one regret is that I didn't plant out all my cuttings and new plants when it first rained in October--I never trust it to stay wet, and didn't want to have to be hauling out the hose all November and December to keep the new plantings alive; but this year I could have easily planted them in October and never needed to unwind the hose but I didn't have enough faith. Oh well; still loving every drop of rain that falls!
I'm loving the rain too - and so is my new native plant garden. My Chinese houses are off to a flying start.

Happy Christmas mices!
As you said, we got a walloping down here in the south, but I am almost delirious about what kind of late winter and early spring we're going to have this season! Woohoo!