GBBD - What month? (Town Mouse)

After an unusually cold summer, we've finally had temperatures in the 90s all last week here in the SF Bay Area. It's a bit confusing, really. I look at the Asclepias speciosa (showy milkweed) leaf above and think it's drying out. But actually, it's going dormant. Weird.

At the same time, the liquidambar is putting on a show with the bright red and orange fall color, while the neighbor runs the air conditioner.

But onwards to the blooms. The happiest news have been the abundant and beautiful blossoms of our autumn-blooming Camelia. Sadly, we can't enjoy it from the window of our sunroom because our remodel is still going on and going on and going on, and we're banned from most of the house. But it's been plenty warm enough for dinners and weekend breakfasts outside, and the sight of the flowers and the critters warms my heart.

Also blooming beautifully, though not as tall this year as last, is the Japanese anemone next to the sunroom west wall.

On the CA native front, the Epilobium (California fuchsia) is still delighting hummingbirds with its red and salmon trumpets. After a slow start, it's the fast food destination for the hummingbirds in both the front and back garden.

The Eriogonum I planted to replace the rock rose that just did not thrive is doing very well indeed. A pleasant surprise: I lost two rock rose plants, both five gallon, when the garden was first established. I then left the place blank for a year or so. At a plant sale, I saw a little Eriogonum, picked it up, and put it in. Even lost the label. But the results have been very satisfactory. The perfect plant for the spot, and a wildlife magnet in the difficult late summer time.

A special surprise has been Eriophyllum lanatum (Wolly sunflower). Struggling mightily in a spot that really has not been sunny enough (to be remedied soon), this sweet little flower has brought forth a few little blooms even now in late October, and I have high hopes for an even better show in the new location next year.

But really, fall and the first rains will be coming soon enough. Yes, right now it's hot, but soon we'll dig out the woolen scarves and winter shoes, the gloves and the long-legged bike pants. The rains will come and I'll start to rearrange the furniture -- no, the plants! in the garden. But more about that soon. For now, we enjoy the puffy little clouds behind the redwoods in the mourning, and the twittering -- no, the happy songs  of the migrating birds in the trees.

And now, I'll be heading over to Carol at May Dreams Gardens to see what's blooming in her garden (and later, what's blooming in everyone else's garden). Won't you join me there?


Kate said…
Oh, I love Camelias! I wish I could grow them...! Very pretty flowers. And, I agree - strange summer weather patterns here, as well. Happy Bloom Day. :)
Joe said…
Nice Pictures! Lovely showy Milkweed went dormant as well. Your Japanese anemone is pretty! I'm searching for seeds of one of California's native anemones (Anemone oregana)on the internet but it looks as if I'll have to wait till I can find some seeds in the wild. Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
You still have many blooms for October. Nice images.Happy Bloom Day.
Really like the Epiplobium, very delicate. Happy bloom day!
Wendy said…
really pretty blooms! I love all the white. The Japanese anemone is my fave.
I would love a bit of your heat, it is cold here. Your garden is looking wonderful, so pretty. Happy GBBD!
noel said…

what a very nice tour of your garden this morning, i enjoyed the beautiful flowers, and yes the anemones are sweet

thanks for sharing that with us
Darla said…
The weather has been a bit strange here in North Florida as well. You do have some nice color for Oct.
I do need to add some Epilobiums to the garden for next fall, I'm impressed with how they long they bloom, and who doesn't want to keep the hummingbirds happy this time of year!? The warm weather this last week set me further behind in the garden, as I didn't have the heart to rip out tomato plants that still had ripening fruit! Now they're saying sprinkles on Sunday, so hopefully I'll finally get caught up on my fall planting!
It was nice to see that someone actually still has flowers to look at. Ours are getting ready for the big sleep. Thanks for sharing.
I like the subtle vibe of the eriophyllum. I was telling Country Mouse that my local native plant sale is tomorrow, so that's going on my little list, along with her mallow. You still have lots of great flowers to enjoy in your garden!
Christine said…
I'm sure that through the noises of drills and saws from the remodel, a moment in the morning garden gives you some peace.
Confused season indeed- I just pruned a plum tree that wanted to bloom! Can't wait to hear more about the furniture rearranging...
scottweberpdx said… those anemones!
Birdwoman said…
Don't you just love this time of year? Your garden is lovely. Thanks for sharing it.
Dear Town Mouse, I just spotted your GBBD post. I read Country Mouse's and thought that was all. Glad I came back to enjoy yours. Oh, how I wish we could grow camelias here. Pam x
Kylee said…
That camelia is gorgeous! So pure... Wish we could grow them here in Ohio!