We're famous!

Just in case no one noticed, Gossip in the Garden's current blog post has a wonderful report about Town Mouse and the Town Mouse Garden here.

It was a lot of fun to spend time with Rebecca, who is so curious about all things garden and such a great photographer. I'm just left with one question: Does my garden make me look fat? Or is it the horizontal stripes? -- No matter, enjoy the article. Tomorrow, I hope for a post about the garden.


Anonymous said…
Look fat? No way! Love the colorful toe socks too, so obviously an artistic gardener. The feature was an excellent overview of your garden, shown in ways I have not seen on your blog. Love how new eyes can help us to see-eth. :-)
As someone who is fat, trust me, you don't look fat! I didn't realize your last name is Kempf! I volunteer at a historic home in Ann Arbor called Kempf House! (Oh, and of course congrats on being famous.)
Rosey said…
I always knew you'd be famous. Congrats. :)