Going Native Garden Tour -- 2 weeks to go!

For those who live in the area: It's still time to register (or volunteer for) the Going Native Garden Tour. Just follow this link. The tour is Sunday, April 18, 10-4. You have to register to participate.

For those in the East Bay, consider the Bringing Back the Natives garden tour. That tour is Sunday, May 2. 

For those in San Francisco, consider the tour that the Yerba Buena chapter is having on April 25.

For those heartily tired of garden show promotions, let's hope Country Mouse will do another post on the Garden Show today. Maybe we'll hear about the adventures at the CNPS booth.


Christine said…
Yikes, then there's the Bay Friendly Garden Tour on the 25th. All of my weekends are booked solid with garden tours for the next month! And I can't wait!
Would you believe that for a city the size of San Diego we don't have a native garden tour?! We are so behind it on this one. (There are a couple native garden tours in northern San Diego County, at least.) I understand that our local CNPS chapter will be working on one for next year, however. Yay!