Frances at Fairegarden, one of the most popular garden bloggers out there, recently did one of a series of posts on moss. And when, in a comment, I mentioned that I might do a post on my moss, she responded "Glad to hear that moss will grow for you as well. It is not something I remember from our time living in southern CA. Your conditions must be vastly different up north."

So, let it be known to all: During the rainy season we have moss. And it might stick around in moist places elsewhere. The picture above is from the edge of the birdbath, which is just a little mossy year round.

But there's also moss along the walls in the shade.

And those rocks look like this from closer by.

And here's another rock, with Oxalis oregoneum in the background.


Other rocks have a mix of moss and lichen. 
And even the concrete buddha-face has now been around long enough to start gathering a little moss. 

The fountain is surrounded by moss year round. 

Though the cracks between concrete pavers collect moss only during the rains.


I know that some gardeners are not so happy to find moss in their gardens. I myself am just delighted to see it cover the walls in winter. 
I love the combination of different greens, above a moss wall with a monkey-flower and some Aquilegia in the background.  And here up close. 

That said, I actually know fairly little about moss. I'm just glad to see it thrive, a happy reminder that the rains have not failed us and the thirsty flowers can drink their fill.


Randy Emmitt said…
Town Mouse,
Loved these mosses you posted! Our Duke Gardens has a moss guy that tends the moss. I met him this fall hand clearing leaves away from the huge patch of moss under a massive oak tree.
I love moss, and I have posted pictures of my beauties on numerous occasions. Yours are just beautiful. Isn't it wonderful how it makes things look so soft and elegant; I love the tapestry of colors and textures mosses provide.

Glad I had a moment to stop by.
Christine said…
Who isn't thrilled by moss? Patting a patch of moss always makes my day go a little better. It's nice, though that it's seasonal- especially since it arrives as the natives are starting to wake up from their summer naps and us gardeners are getting spring fever!
ryan said…
Nice exploration of moss. My garden gets mossy, too, especially during the winter. I really like it, especially where it gets between the joints of the flagstone.
Jean said…
I love moss and all of yours are really beautiful. (I think part of the reason I love it so is that I used to live in such a dry environment where it was very scarce.) I have it now, mostly during the fall, winter, and spring when it's rainier. I love petting it!
Anonymous said…
Wow, Town Mouse, what lovely patches of moss you have! I love the bird bath with the succulents and moss happily sharing the space. In fact your whole garden looks green and lush with the velvety stuff, even blooming too! Thank you so much for those kind words and the link love. I did know that links were a good thing to include in posts, but thought it was because they made it harder for thieves to *borrow* your material. I will come to you with all questions about google henceforth. And moss. :-)
Gail said…
I think the only folks who don't appreciate moss must have it growing on their brick sidewalk and it's slick! Otherwise what's not to's a beautiful plant. I love how it can give a garden an aged appearance. gail
Like you I'm thrilled whenever I encounter moss. For me the associations with moss are of things like shelter and water, things that a day out in hard sunlight definitely makes you appreciate.
wow love the mosses you shared. Very lovely.
Love your photos and also love moss. I also didn't realize northern CA was wetter... found out on another blog that some plants winter-hardy here in MI aren't in NOCal because it's too wet for them. !!! Who knew?!
susan morrison said…
Speaking of spots where moss is less than welcome, a roofer was here today checking out a leak and commented on the moss he found as well.

I prefer it in the garden.
Noelle said…

I love the moss surrounding your birdbath and the succulents you planted as well. Here in the desert we do not see moss, but I do have some lichen growing on my boulders in the garden :^)
Jess said…
I am in love with the birdbath with moss and sedum edging!!
Yes, I would say you have moss;-) I love moss, and what I do have is treasured. It was mainly 'brought in' on some rocks that are now the walls around my gardens in the back. I will be waiting to see if it survived the harsh winter, because it really was doing well and 'growing' itself along various areas of the stone, looking very 'quaint'.