For the last month or so, we've often been surprised to see a hummingbird hard at work picking the white stuff out of the seedpots of the Japanese anemone. "Look!" I'd say to Mr. Mouse. "A hummingbird! Look!"
Anyway. I've tried to take a photo, but each time I finally had the camera ready, the hummingbird had departed, laden with fluffy stuff. 

And when I recently tried to clean up that area, and started cutting of the stems and jamming it all into the compost basket, I heard indignant hummingbird noises from up in the neighbor's Chinese pear. And I mean indignant, and for quite a long time. So I gave up and left about a third of the stems with the most promising-looking seedpods.

In retrospect, that was a kind thing to do. Because we had a pretty violent storm yesterday, with about a half inch of rain in about 2 hours, and high winds. And when I cleaned up a bit in the garden today...


Yes, here's last year's hummingbird nest. Carefully attached to a redwood branch, now old and brown. Beautifully made. Very solid, with lots of fluffy stuff.


I hope the nest sticks together until the garden tour so I can show it to the kids that come (well, the adults as well, I guess). Thanks Mr. and Ms. Hummingbird. What a great gift!


A lovely gift indeed. Aren't hummingbird nests charming? They're almost hilariously small, especially when fully occupied! It was kind of you to leave a few seedpods for them. I wonder where they'll build their nest this year?
Country Mouse said…
I know what you mean about hummingbirds sounding indignant! I've been roundly scolded by their tiny voices when walking around in the chaparral, probably because I got too close to a nest. I guess they don't know they are so tiny.
so cool... I love finding nests. and I would think anemone pulp would make for a very cozy nest.
Susan Tomlinson said…
That is very, very cool.
debsgarden said…
What a great find! Such a tiny, perfect nest. I love hummingbirds. It's a good thing God made them small. If they were large, they would be the tyrannosaurus rex of the bird world!
Town Mouse said…
Oh Deb, you're right! I'm always amazed at how aggressive they are. Then again, we had a dachshund when I was little, and that dog took on all the big guys (tyrannosaurus rex of the dog world, I guess)
Anonymous said…
Oh oh oh! What a treasure find, what a miracle of nature. This is just the best thing ever. I love the thought of the hummer picking the fluff and then being mad when you cut down the stalks. I just saw in a catalog metal forked thingeys that are supposed to be for hummer nesting, shaped like the forked branches they prefer. Your nest shows such a branch. Now why would one buy such a thing if they have trees and shrubs that grow them for free? Anyway, the nest is the most precious thing ever. Good scouting! :-)