Town Mouse Year in Review: My Favorite CMouse Posts

Some time before Christmas I'd told Country Mouse that I might like to do a post about my 5 favorites among her posts this year. Little did I know that she would pick up on that idea and prepare a sweeping overview of most of my posts last year. Now, of course, I can't be left behind, and I must write about a little more than just 5 posts (let's do that one next year).

Here's what I've especially enjoyed:

Propagation Posts
My idea of propagation is to throw some seeds I've bought on the Internet into some pots and see what happens. A bit haphazard. Country Mouse, in contrast, has been more diligent and scientific. She's worked hard -- and with some success -- on propagation of local plants, both from cuttings and from seed she collected herself. I've seen here carefully labeled envelopes of seeds, her flats, and her cold frame. All very impressive. And then we had the posts: 
Photo Posts
We've both participated in the Gardening Gone Wild Picture This Photo Contest several times, but only Country Mouse made it to 2nd runner up with her entry to the April Contest, Native Plants in a Garden Setting. It was an exciting and rewarding occasion. But other photos captured the eye and heart. For example, the Wordless Wednesday post, with the sun hiding behind the mists. And other photos of the views here.  Also a great post with birds here, and snakes and other wild critters in this post.

Poetic Prose
Some of the most enjoyable Country Mouse posts have been the book reviews. On such post, Three Ways of Seeing... Monterey Pines, tells not only what's in the book, but how the reviewer's relationship to the book changed over time. So we learn about the book itself, but also about the experience of reading and learning from a book. In the same way, the two posts about Lester Rowntree are much more than just book review posts, and really made me think about writing, about reading, and about times past and times present. 

In the last month, the most exciting thing has been the dream of the greenhouse, and the move towards its fulfillment.  I'm sure we're all excited, and looking forward to the next post (no, it's not boring). 
I, for one, can't believe how much fun it's been to have a blog and to have a co-blogger. Some other bloggers lament, at times: "Oh, I wish I'd look at my blog in the morning and a post were finished." Well, it happens to me all the time! And furthermore, it's really exciting to see what's going on up in the hills. I can't wait to see what spring will bring. 

With many thanks!
Town Mouse


rebecca sweet said…
Wow - what a great post (from both of you!)...I love the 'recap' of your favorites and really look forward to spending some time reading all of them...And I LOVE the 2nd place photo of Gardening Gone Wild...your blog is definitely one chock-full of interesting 'hands-on' tips which I always look forward to reading....great job!!
...what a year it's been! Thanks for taking all of us along on your various adventures (in the garden and beyond) this year. I'm looking forward to where you take us in 2010. Best wishes to the Mouses for a terrific 2010.
Susan Morrison said…
Are we voting? My favorite C-Mouse posts are the photos and (no surprise here) my favorite T-Mouse series was the one on designing the front yard.

Congrats to both of you on such an informative and well-written blog. I've learned a lot of great information and have sent both clients and other designers to your site - you mice really know your stuff!
jane said…
thank you .. i am delighted to be introduced to your blog by your comment to my own .. de light full ..
ryan said…
Good work, y'all, and happy new year. It's great how you guys work the team blogging.