Paper or plastic?

I've enjoyed getting a glimpse of some of the holiday decorations other bloggers have shared. And really, who can resist the plastic palm tree at Clay and Limestone?  Or the video of 64 garden-themed ornaments at May Dreams Gardens?

And of course, being gardeners, we'd all like to do the green thing tree-wise. Some bloggers come down on the side of plastic (reusable), others prefer a live tree (compostable, I guess), or a potted tree. I myself actually think I have the solution to the conundrum. Above is the tree that my uncle gave me at as a gift when I started college. It's about 3 feet high, holds a fair number of ornaments, looks beautiful with candles lit (look Ma, no electricity!) or not, and can be disassebled and stuck into a drawer.

I supplement the tree with the holiday ornament below, which I received as a gift from my sister at approximately the same time. There are singing angels on the second floor and a small nativity scene on the first. The while thing turns when you light the candles.

And finally, for the fragrance of trees, I have a vase with juniper, pine, and redwood branches. My neighbors just had their pine trees radically trimmed, and the other two are from my own garden. I've hung some straw stars and some angels on the branches.

Happy holidays to all my blogging and blog-reading friends. May the New Year be filled with joy, with rain at just the right time, and flowers all year.


Country Mouse said…
Nice! I want to something like it for next year, maybe out of biggish twigs and branches. I've seen one or two examples in the shops.

This year my tree came out of a box of Red Rose teabags. It stands in the middle of the dining table, about 1 inch high! -- I'm just lazy this year.
What a unique tree you have! Your uncle is a wise man. Happy and Healthy New Year to you!
debsgarden said…
I can imagine your tree is very lovely with all the candles lit! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
Gail said…
I loved it when I saw the photo and totally wanted one when I read that you could fold it up! It's very clever and your uncle was green when green was still green! I hope your holiday has been good. Thanks for the link~~I'm glad you appreciated the palm tree~ Mr I will be tickled! gail
Anonymous said…
Love it. To me nothing quite replaces a real tree for fragrance. I also like the way every year the tree looks a little different. We don't use tinsel & are sure to put it in the compost bin.
Christine said…
Lovely! Little spots of Christmas sitting about the house instead of the big centerpiece. Thanks for the idea!
I love your wooden tree (kind of like a feather tree, which also does not have lights and is similar in construct). I also love the German pyramids (which I call twirlies)... I decorate my potted Norfolk Island pine... because I'm too lazy to fiddle with either putting together a fake tree or hauling in and setting up a cut real tree. Plus, I'm apolitical! ;-)
P.S. I love Gail's wording of "green when green was still green!"