I'm so sorry!

Mr. Mouse: " I'm so sorry. That succulent really was a bit too close to the driveway."

Town Mouse: "Well, we're lucky that I have a ready supply of that same succulent in the back garden. They're just ready for dividing. "

Town Mouse (thinking) "And after that delicious dinner you and Mr. W.R. treated me and Ms Country Mouse to, who could be angry over such a mere trifle."


Barbara said…
Is it Dudleya hassei? Looks lovely.
Country Mouse said…
And are they deer proof and bunny proof I wonder? they would look dramatic (and not flammable) under the manzanita - but maybe they need more shade and moisture?
Town Mouse said…
No idea what it is. Flowers don't match that Dudleyas. Thought I was some kind of Senecio, but can't find matching flowers either.

It's probably not native. I bought it at Native Revival nursery without a label and the person working there said she thought it wasn't native but was something people wanted.

Country Mouse, no need for shade and moisture. I have them in mostly full sun and without irrigation. They look a little spent by October, but perk right back up.
Christine said…
I think Dudleya hassei has thinner, rounder "leaves", but whatever it is, I love it!