Reading While the Storm Is Raging

The rains have started, and we're all waiting to hear how the jute that Country Mouse put up will fare (see previous post). Will there still be a path? Will there still be steps when the storm has passed?

In the meantime, here are a few things to read:
  • My favorite weather forecast is the text forecast, which is at this location for the SF bay area. Maybe a picture says more than a thousand words, but I like the detailed explanation of what's going on.
  • Mr. Mouse now has a blog called Netzerolife. Check it out! If you have an opinion about his posts, don't be shy about leaving a comment. There is no Blotanical for the kind of blog he's writing, so it's harder to attract visitors.
  • Does anyone ever notice our book list in the bar on the left? Maybe I'll read a few books now that the days are getting shorter and add them to our Librarything.
  • In the meantime, we do have a nice set of Book Review posts.


Chari + Matt said…
4.5 in. in 11 hours up in Lafayette. I kept trying to figure out how the rain gauge could be wrong, but it was empty when I left for work! It's not like it malfunctioned or something.

Susan Morrison said…
So rainy days equal book reviews? I see you continue to be your usual industrious self! I received an advance copy of The American Meadow Garden more than two weeks ago and haven't even cracked it open yet. I'll use your post as inspiration and try to do a review soon.

P.S. Thanks again for the garden tour last weekend. As your readers already know from the photos you post, your garden is delightful!
Gail said…
We've had a lot of rain, too...Weeks of it... I do hope everything checks out with the jute. I'll check out Mr Mouse's site. gail
Country Mouse said…
Country Mouse update: We retained power with lots of flickering, but lost internet! Am posting this comment at work - If I have time at lunch I'll post a few pictures. Things survived pretty well!