Watering the soul - inspiration from another source

I'm in a dry spot writing wise and weather wise both (though the fog is very nice). So here's a shout out to two local organic farms in the Wastonville area just south of me, whose farmers cherish wildlife and local natives that live and grow around their farms and blog about the things that they grow, as well as the things that grow where the things that they grow grow!

These farms jointly market their produce through CSA, which is wonderful but supplies more veggies a week than a non-cook can cope with. I had the best compost while I was subscribing. My bad, I know.

They incidentally also respect and learn from their cadre of Mexican farm workers, which leads to interesting and informative blog entries.

I liked this recent entry in particular by the wonderful writer Andy Griffin. It's an entry called Dusty Trails, from Andy's blog, The Ladybug Letter (the name of their farm: Mariquita Farm). Do check it out and wander around his blog for a while.

My latest email newsletter from Two Small Farms deals with preservation of meadowlands, and the tarweeds, which I've been seeing around our area too, though not the rare Santa Cruz Sunflower (Holocarpha macradenia). Here's a link to the Santa Cruz Open Spaces Alliance page about the restoration project. They are joining with High Ground Organics (the other of the Two Small Farms) to work on the restoration.

It's so inspiring to be in contact with people who are living the life, eh!


Anonymous said…
Nice links! I just came from Michelle's blog,from Seed to Table and realize that I need to stop reading blogs about food before I've eaten breakfast.
Barbara E said…
I know what you mean about dry spell - writing and weather. I enjoyed Andy's description of the farm.
Susan Tomlinson said…
It's important to remember that you aren't really in a drought, writing-wise. You are merely dormant and storing up energy for the next bloom.

Nice links.
Gail said…
It happens sometimes...especially when you've been so productive all along! I'll check those links out! gail