Final Comment on the Water Post

She's been fretting about water, I hear.

Well, why don't you use the bath first while I wait.

I can watch. Everything looks peaceful. She's not as reliable as I'd wish with the bath filling sometimes, but at least she doesn't have a cat!

All right now it's my turn. Why don't you fly over onto that branch meanwhile, you're always so slow when you're wet and the neighbors do have cats.

Regardless, let me go in.

Ah, that was pleasant! Yes, I know it would help if we wouldn't splash as much, but really, we don't need much water. Besides, the other couple splashes much more than we do.

I sure hope she fills the bath tomorrow!

Mr. and Ms. Towhee (California Towhee, Pipilo crissalis)


Emily said…
I think we have these in our backyard! Guess that means I'll be (finally) putting in that bird bath...

Great shots!
Michelle said…
I love to watch the birds splash in my fountain or the broken piece of a BIG pot that I put water in sometimes. The birds would certainly be happy if I'd get the fountain running again or at least get some water in the improvised bath!
Radhika said…
I have a pond with a small waterfall in my backyard, and love the steady stream of birds all day, starting with the crows that seems to come very early in the morning, followed by a multitude of birds that I am yet to fully identify.
Anonymous said…
Your birdbath is unique surrounded by plants. I enjoy watching the birds at the pond. They take turns drinking from the spitting frog.