My New Container Arrangement

I'm not known for artistic container arrangements. But I was inspired to try again by a purchase at the Smart Garden Faire in Scotts Valley (where I was a CNPS booth babe for a morning) -- a couple of Sphaeralcea munroana, Monroe's Globemallow. They were so pretty and I thought they might drape down a large pot.

So I hardened my heart and ditched some old tenants of a nice pot - plants that never bloomed but never died either - and refilled the pot with a mixture of native soil and potting mix, an entirely unscientific mixture that I figure might give the plants the best of both worlds.

Along with the globemallow I picked an assortment from what I had to hand:
2 Sphaeralcea munroana - Monroe's Globemallow (also called Flame Checkers) - CNPS propagated plants.
3 Zauschneria canum canum, California Fuschia - grown from local wild seed.
1 Penstemon Heterophylla "Margarita BOP" - Foothill Penstemon, which I propagated from CNPS purchased plants.
1 Nasella lepida, Foothill needlegrass - grown from local wild seed.

Other than the globemallow, the plants are still quite small, and I hope they will fill out. The needlegrass will get fairly tall, a couple feet. Here's a closer view from the top:

They all like very little water, so of course I've been watering them liberally. I should dub myself The Anxious Gardener. But I only drowned them till their roots got a little time to take hold. I'm not actually sure how often container plantings of drought tolerant natives should get water. I'll probably water them weekly, as I have other pots in that area that get weekly water. If they don't look good on that regimen, then I'll back off. Any advice welcome!


Town Mouse said…
That looks great!

I have my pots on a drip where they get watered every 3rd day. I have monkeyflower, penstemon, and a few other things, and they seem to not mind the water. Pots dry out so quickly, so I'd expect your water regimen will be fine.
Sheila said…
It is lovely and I'm sure it will only grow more so as the plants grow in. Although I think it is difficult to over water a plant in a terra cotta container, when there is a lot more dirt than roots, the soil tends to stay moist much longer and can add to root rot. Just watch how wet it is a few inches below the surface before watering!
Anonymous said…
That's a beautiful globe mallow. I've been meaning to buy one of that species myself, though I'd plant mine in the ground rather than in a container. I think I'm rather hopeless at container gardening.
What an elegant pot - and it will look more wonderful as the plants develop and grow
Barbara E said…
I love the way the mallow drapes over the pot. Hope you will post a picture when the other plants fill in.
It looks really nice and what a cool container!
Anonymous said…
The mallow's so dramatic it already looks nice, even though everything else is still a baby. It'll be gorgeous when the blue penstemon kicks in.
The shape of the pot at first looks a little tricky to work with, but the trailing mallow deals with that nicely. At least one nursery raves over that species over the more common S. ambigua, which is the only one I've grown. Keep us up to date as the plants the pot fill in. It should be a nice combination.