GGW Photo Competition Country Mouse - better late than never!

This picture is for the Gardening Gone Wild photo competition of native plants in a garden setting.

I posted another picture from this set in an earlier post. It's Bee's Bliss salvia in the early morning sun, right outside my front door. Blissful indeed!


Gail said…
What a fantastic name for a plant...don't you know that there are plants that are pure bee heaven bliss!

Good luck in the competition! gail
Really pretty picture with such nice lighting.
Lovely name, lovely photo! Is that a marine layer at the top of the picture?
Country Mouse said…
Astute observation, DP - we are 6 or 8 miles inland from Soquel on the Monterey Bay (Soquel is just south of Santa Cruz).

I find Bee's Bliss to be a very tough plant - it has even survived being driven over by a truck a few times. And so far - it is ignored by deer, bunnies, and gophers! It spreads to about 6 feet or maybe 8 feet. I've cut it back hard, and it keeps on flourishing.
Town Mouse said…
Thanks for posting this! The purple of the rhododendron was clashing horribly with the Cal Gooseberry in the banner. Now I feel better.

Great photo, too!
Ahhh! Yet another post making me face up to the inadequacy of my photography skills! I was just visiting James' blog Lost in the Landscape and admiring his beautiful shots of a sphinx moth (taken up close and at night, no less). Looking forward to seeing the results of the contest - I noticed they extended the date.
lostlandscape said…
Oh, how I love this photo! The flower stems making a line opposing that of the background trees is gorgeous. And the terrific lighting. And the great plant. A winner.
donna said…
Early morning light is something special and so is your Bee's Bliss salvia photo.
wildsuburbia said…
Gorgeous picture - captures the smell somehow.
Country Mouse said…
Thanks for the comments again - and LostLandscape, thanks for noticing about the lines - I'm very happy about that!
Saxon Holt said…
Well the contest is done and results posted over at GGW early next week. Thanks for your 2nd entry and I am still giving each photo bit of constructive criticism.
Loved the Salvia photo and want it for my own garden. Excellent use of light and the low angle is very effective. Would like to see a more obvious garden setting.
Country Mouse said…
Thanks for your input, Saxon - very nice of you to do that for the competitors indeed. I would like to see more of a garden context too - in the reality of my garden I mean. Am working on that!
I just popped over from GGW - congratulations C. Mouse! A well deserved prize.