And then, the heart leaps...

Yesterday's post probably sounded a bit grumpy. I was frustrated. All my best efforts to use the most efficient irrigation seemed for naught. Seemed ridiculous.

And then I looked out of my window and onto the California Fuchsia (Epilobium canum or Zauschneria, depending on which you prefer), which was still in bloom. Two finches were perched on one of the branches and delicately pecking at the white fluffy fibers that surround the seeds. A third finch arrived, and they did a little dance, each trying to land in the best spot. Very respectful and willing to share, though, not like the hummingbirds.

Seeing this, my heart leapt with delight. The finches were so close, and obviously so happy with this best of bird feeders. And I forgot about being grumpy and was just a bit sorry that I didn't have a camera on hand. But maybe next time. California Fuchsia usually blooms into December, and I expect there will be other opportunities to enjoy the visitors.