GBBD June Delights (Town Mouse)

Even with the dry winter and fairly minimal irrigation, the garden puts on quite a show this June.  So, even though I'm in a bit of a rush, I want to share a few photos, today just with captions. Then I'll head over to Carol at May Dreams Gardens and see what everyone else has blooming this month.

I've indulged in close-up this time, to balance out the wider views of the garden I'm sharing at the first of every month (or thereabouts) when we host First Views on our blog. Won't you join us?

And here's the stars of this bloom day.

Asclepias speciosa (Butterfly weed)

Close-up of Trichostemma lanatum (Wolly blue curl)

A yarrow and the last of Clarkia unguiculata (elegant clarkia)

Mimulus puniceus (red monkey flower, in part shade)

Mimulus 'Elenore', an easy to grow hybrid

Mimulus that Ms. Country Mouse propagated and gave me as a gift. Thanks!

Lavendula angustifolia (English lavender). Not a CA Native, of course.

Monardella villosa (Coyote mint)

Salvia clevlandii 'Alan Chickering' (Cleveland sage)

Cotyledon orbiculata elongata (South African succulent)

Toyon in bloom - will I get berries this year?


Timeless said…
Keep an eye out for Cedar Waxwings on those Toyons when they come thru. It's like a rest stop food for them down in San Diego.
Darla said…
Love that color Yarrow and what an impressive succulent bud..
So many beauties, so much to admire. Your garden looks lovely in June. That lavender is so full...reaching for heaven.
David said…
WoW! I usually can recognize at least a few of the names, but your GBBD has me stumped. I loved all the new(to me) flowers. Of course, I do know about lavender, but seldom see it in bloom.
Happy GBBD!
queerbychoice said…
Very pretty! You have a particularly charming shade of yarrow.