Want to swap half your right garden gloves for half my left ones?

Am I the only one who wears out just one finger of one hand of one gardening glove??

I must unconsciously grub with mostly the middle finger of my right hand - I always, always get a hole there in otherwise quite serviceable gloves. I don't think it can be repaired. I've thought of cutting off the finger of another glove and stitching it on - that might be OK, though I think soil would work its way into the gap. I've thought of wearing a thimble on my right middle finger, like a little helmet. That might just fall off.

If only I could find someone else with small hands, who wears out their left hand gloves - I could send half of my now useless left hand gloves and they could send half of their useless right hand ones, so we could each maximize our usable pairs. Who cares if they don't match!


This always does in the gardening gloves, doesn't it? There has to be someone out there who encountered this and came up with some ingenious solution. Will likely be published in Fine Gardening. Sorry to say that I do not have a clever solution of my own.
You could arrange a craigslist swap, perhaps!

I'd repair it with some gaffers tape (like duct tape, but a) black and b) with a texture more like the gloves) until at least one other finger went. But that's because I'm cheap!
Sue Langley said…
Always a problem,...and with me the middle finger as well! I don't have long fingernails, what gardener does? I just buy inexpensive gloves.

As for fixing these? Tooldip? Duct tape? I wonder if you could prevent this by putting a bit of duct tape on the inside of that glove finger.
Country Mouse said…
Ya I like those fine gardening mag tips! I thought about duct tape but wonder about the effect of the wet. Maybe on the inside like Sue says. Tool dip - that's that goopy plastic stuff you dip things in - I've been wondering if that still exists! Sounds like just the thing - probably horridly toxic though! Can't win! I'm tempted to try freecycle - but I get addicted to reading all the ads when I sign up - it's a huge time waster. When I retire!

I'll post again if I get any kind of solution. Keep the ideas coming though!
ryan said…
I've given up on trying to have intact gloves. I wear through the fingers on both hands almost instantly. It's almost a trademark, having gloves that make people ask why I bother wearing them.
Country Mouse said…
Honestly, I think there has to be a product to be invented here! Gloves with hard hats on the finger tips!
tanya said…
I've used black duct tape to repair and reinforce rain boots for a dog. The dog had a spinal condition (CVI or wobblers) and was dragging his feet, which wore down his nails to the quick. Once the nails had healed, the rain boots protected his feet and enabled him to go on walks, which he loved.

But for gardening gloves, my solution is to get multiple pairs when I see a good price. I did try duct tape once but the repair on the index finger made it too stiff to be useful. Maybe one of those rubber thimbles would work?