GBBD December - Things Change

Seems like yesterday -- though it was several days ago -- that I took this photo of Zauschneria 'Calistoga' (California fuchsia) and of Rhododendron occidentalis, the native rhododenron that freakily likes to bloom while it's losing its leaves.

Seems like yesterday that Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum (native currant) was just starting to turn color.

And then this.

Yes, even in the Bay Area the birdbath ices over, though it's pretty easy to smash the ice, or pick it up as I did for this photo. And even here, a few truly frosty nights change everything.

Now the currant glows with fall color.

Now Styrax Californica (California snowdrop bush) is turning yellow, as are the fruit trees, finally going dormant.

But for the hummingbirds, we still have Tecomaria capensis (Cape honeysuckle), and correa from Australia, both reliably confused about the seasons and a cheerful sight in the winter garden.

Even more wonderful, the first buds of this small Euphorbia, soon to bloom, and the knowledge that the different California manzanitas won't be far behind, frost or not.

Just look, even now, a single Heuchera blossom whispers promises of the blooms soon to come.

And now, late bloomer that I am this week, I'll head over to May Dreams Gardens to see what other blooms are to be found this month. Thanks as always to our gracious host Carol and to all other bloom day participants.


I'm always surprised at how quickly the garden can change. It stays gray or green or brown for months and then things suddenly bloom, drop their leaves or throw out new growth.

I'm looking forward to manzanita season. It sounds like you are too!
ryan said…
A nice winter bloom day offering. Our garden hasn't been cold enough to ice over, but out where I'm working now in Walnut Creek the ground is crunchy most mornings. The correa really deserves some credit, blooing away like it's doing. Very nice.
Barbara E said…
Such nice colors in your garden. This time of year reminds of a deep inhale before a long, satisfying exhale accompanied by lots more color.
Lovely pics. I like that euphorbia.
Talk about changes...I published my GBBD post and then we had snow today! I quickly went out and took photos of the same blooms covered with snow. They say that the only thing that stays the same in life is 'change'.
The ice that you lifted off looks pretty in the photo. Nice to see the color in the honeysuckle and heuchera, even after the other plants have turned brown. Happy Holidays to you & yours, TM!
Anonymous said…
I can't believe you have California fuchsias and Heuchera blooming at the same time! My 'Calistoga' fuchsias were all bedraggled and beaten up by storms before December even began, and I don't expect my Heuchera to start blooming before March.
Anonymous said…
Wow ice and you had the pics to prove it. Still nice color though.
I pulled some similar looking ice of the poultry waterers during our last freeze. Alas, my Ribes is now completely leafless! Oh well, we're almost at the shortest day of the year, and spring will be here soon enough.
Looking at your photos makes me feel like it is fall again -- all the lovely warm foliage hues! It's a surprise to see the ice on your birdbath among all those leaves and blooms.
RBell said…
What a combination: flowers and fall leaf color together. Nice show.
Kerri said…
The ice on the bird bath shows that you are not escaping some cold temps, but how lovely to have winter blooms to show for Bloom Day.
Lucky you to have a couple of pretty Australian natives in your garden.
Yes, that's a Cardinal in my banner. He's beautiful, isn't he?
Thanks for stopping by and saying hello :)
Tanya Boracay said…
I agree with you that RBell, the flower and autumn leaf is perfect match.

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